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OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2007 veebruar 17, 2008

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Table of contents

• Foreword
• Executive Summary
• Highlights
A. R&D and investment in knowledge
A-1. Investment in knowledge
A-2. Trends in domestic R&D expenditure
A-3. R&D financing and performance
A-4. R&D in non-OECD economies
A-5. Business R&D
A-6. Business R&D by size classes of firms
A-7. Business R&D by industry
A-8. Health-related R&D
A-9. Venture capital
B. Human resources in S&T
B-1. New university graduates
B-2. Foreign and international doctoral students
B-3. S&E doctorates awarded and postdoctorate appointments to foreign citizens in the United States
B-4. Employment of tertiary-level graduates
B-5. Human resources in science and technology
B-6. International mobility of the highly skilled
B-7. R&D personnel
B-8. Researchers
B-9. Foreign scholars in the United States
B-10. Human resources in S&T in non-OECD economies
B-11. Employment of HRST by industry
B-12. Earnings by educational level
C. Innovation policy
C-1. Public-private cross-funding of R&D
C-2. Government R&D budgets
C-3. Tax treatment of R&D
C-4. Patenting by universities and government
C-5. Collaboration with public research organisations by innovating firms
C-6. Science linkages in technology
C-7. Entrepreneurship
D. Innovation performance
D-1. Triadic patent families
D-2. Patent intensity
D-3. Regional patenting
D-4. Patenting by industry
D-5. Scientific articles
D-6. Innovation within companies
D-7. Innovation and economic performance
D-8. Non-technological innovation
E-1. Investment in ICT equipment and software
E-2. Telecommunications networks
E-3. Internet subscribers and hosts
E-4. Broadband and security
E-5. ICT access by households
E-6. Internet use by individuals
Internet Use by individuals (continued)
E-7. Internet access and use by businesses
Internet access and use by businesses (continued)
E-8. Internet access and use in non-OECD economies
E-9. Volume of electronic commerce
E-10. Internet commerce activity
E-11. Telecommunications pricing
E-12. Occupations and skills in the information economy
E-13-a. International trade in ICT goods
E-13-b. International trade in ICT goods in non-OECD economies
E-14. R&D in selected ICT industries
E-15. Ict-related patents
F. Particular technologies
F-1. Biotechnology firms
F-2. Biotechnology R&D
F-3. Public-sector biotechnology R&D
F-4. Biotechnology applications
F-5. Bioscience
F-6. Biotechnology patents
F-7. Nanoscience
F-8. Nanotechnology patents
F-9. Environmental science
F-10. Patents in environment-related technologies
G. Internationalisation of S&T
G-1. Foreign ownership of domestic inventions
G-2. Domestic ownership of inventions made abroad
G-3. International co-operation in research
G-4. Sources of R&D funding from abroad
G-5. International collaboration in science
G-6. Internationalisation of R&D
G-7. Foreign collaboration on innovation
H. Global economic flows
H-1. Trends in international trade and investment flows
H-2. International trade
H-3. Intra-firm trade
H-4. Foreign direct investment flows
H-5. Activity of affiliates under foreign control in manufacturing
H-6. Activity of affiliates under foreign control in Services
H-7. Trends in employment in foreign affiliates
H-8. Share of turnover under foreign control in selected manufacturing and services sectors
H-9. Import content of exports
H-10. Offshoring of intermediates
H-11. Technology balance of payments
I. Productivity and trade
I-1. Income and productivity levels
I-2. Labour productivity growth
I-3. Growth accounts for OECD countries
I-4. Labour productivity growth in the business sector
I-5. Technology- and knowledge-intensive industries
I-6. International trade by technology intensity
I-7. Exports from high- and medium-high-technology industries
I-8. Contributions to the manufacturing trade balance
1. Classification of manufacturing industries based on technology (PDF)
2. Main OECD Databases Used (PDF)
3. Biotechnology statistics: methodology (PDF)



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